Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cakes or bakes anyone?

We are ready to tell the world that we are taking orders. 'We' means my sister and I. Please also visit

We have been taking orders but not at this level. I guess now there's no turning back. So there you are. We hope to get the support from friends and families.

Here's some photos of some bakes and cakes.

Adik-adik celebrating someone's birthday and Carrot cake for Amalina's mum.

This Carrot Cake was for Kak Umi. It went all the way to KL. Cupcakes were Kak Gee's. Thank you kakaks.

These two sets were for friends at USM. Saja bagi rasa... he he...

And these were for our own indulgence.
Chilled Strawberry Cheesecake.

The classic Victoria Sandwich topped with ganache.
The table laid for a makan-makan earlier this month.
Mini Shephard's Pie.
My countless attempt with meat pie. This version was with mashed potato.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthdays in February.

Qaisarah started going to Tadika this year. She is 5 years old. For her birthday, she requested a red heart-shaped cake with a smiling face on it :). I made moist chocolate chiffon cake which recipe was from Alya had fun covering the cake with red colored buttercream and made the smiling face on the cake. That was using chocolate ganache.

Qistina is 3. I made her the Red Velvet Cake. Honestly, I made the wrong cake. Not because it was not good but because it had buttermilk and cheese topping. I had wanted to try the recipe from KG so bad that I did not think straight. Qistina was ecstasy with her cake but too bad, she couldn't eat as much as she wanted to...

Here are photos of some bakes and cakes in February.
Moist Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese and Chocolate Ganache Topping for Kak Zaida's birthday. The topping was a bit over the top. I will try to reduce the sweetness next time.
The simple Victoria Sandwich with Ganache and cream puff for Kak Umi's birthday.
Thank you Amalina for this order. It was the Moist Chocolate Cake covered with Ganache...

This was for one of Alya's good friend, Suhaila. I am glad they had a fabulous time.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Hellooo world!

Feels like I had just awaken from a looonnnggg sleep and in my sleep, I dreamt that I was in a sweetland full of sweet things. There were cakes, biscuits, toffees and many other sweet stuff. Was I really sleeping?

For the last several weeks (or has it been months?), I have not been updating my blogs. I have no idea to write, feeling a bit depressed, tied up to my academic work and entangled with an emotional roller coaster. I have tried again and again to write, but no proper sentences could be formed. Now I am trying again and hopefully, words and sentences will continue to flow, continuously...

I have been receiving orders and yes, I HAVE been baking. To my joy, I even fulfilled an order for a wedding gift, which photo of the cake, I forgot to snap. I have requested the lady who ordered the cake to snap some photos for me, but I have yet to see them.

Although I did take photos of the other sweet stuff I made, I will have to post the photos later. You see, it is the school holiday and the house is conquered by the 6 kids at home including the pc.

I know I must upload the photos as many have asked to see 'samples' of my work. Thank you sisters, for your support and I apologize for my slow progress in posting the photos and yes, I owe you new recipes.