Sunday, July 17, 2011


Chocolate Brownies with ganache topping.
Fancy decoration.

Walnut Brownies.
Dusted with icing sugar.

Floral-patterned top.

Sweet, finger food.

Blueberry Cheese Tart.
RM40 for 25 pieces.

Egg Tart.
RM20 for 16 pieces.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Solo vs liners.

It is sometimes confusing to what size of a cupcake that is being offered for sale. There are a variety of liners or cups which can be used to line your cupcakes. The choice of designs and sizes are endless. Here are the ones used by bayudelights.

We like to stick to only a certain size and design for a certain cake to make life easier. But going for varieties of design and sizes make your life merrier. So it is up to you if you're making your own.

The solo cups which we usually buy come in 3 sizes; the 3.25 oz, 2.5 oz and 2 oz. Sometimes, they are also referred to as the L, M and S solo cups respectively. On the other hand, the paperliners come in all sorts of sizes, from 1 to 11 or more. It is also easier to eat from the paperliners, the solo cups are harder thus slightly difficult to tear or open up. Especially for kids.

For our cupcakes, we use both solo cups and paperliners. Below is an example. On the left is the 3.25 oz solo cup while on the right is the size 9 paperliners.

For Standard Cupcake Sets, we use the size 9 simply because that is the biggest size that can fit the window box with inserts for the cupcakes. And they're nicer looking (we like the shiny silver or gold) and cheaper too.

The Specialty Cupcake Sets uses the 3.25 oz solo cup. 16 pieces of this size can fit into a 10" square plastic box.

Top view: 3.25 solo cup vs size 9 paperliner

Front view: 3.25 solo cup vs size 9 paperliner

We also use the 2 oz solo cup for custom designed cupcakes and the 2.5 oz for gifts. So the choice is still actually endless :-) *wink*

Promotion: Carrot and Walnut Cake.

Carrot and Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese Topping
4 pieces
Size: L
RM14 only
Delivery period: 18/7/2011 until 22/7/2011
Delivery to USM and self pick up only.

Specialty Cupcake Sets

Set A: Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Topping
16 pieces
3.25 oz solo cup (size L)
RM50 only

 Set B: Carrot and Walnut Cake with Cream Cheese Topping
16 pieces
3.25 oz solo cup (size L)
RM50 only

Please order four (4) days in advance. Thank you!

And finally, we met.

It all began when Fatilah started looking for everyone in Facebook. Somehow, she found me somewhere on the net, searched for my contact number and made a call to my office. I was not in but instead, my son, Umar was there. He politely (as described by Fatilah), gave her my handphone number.

Fatilah gave me the shock of my life when she called all the way from UK. It had been like 25 years since we last met. And that was just the beginning.....

To cut the story short (as not to bore you...), I was stunned the second time when Fatilah told me that she was in Coventry, UK. Yes, Coventry. That was the place that I had been intending to go to for my sabbatical. I eventually made it to the UK and stayed with her for nine months. Yes. I stayed with her for nine months. The nine months period was a bliss. It changed my life.

Then the planning started. Fatilah managed to get so many of our classmates into FB and succeeded in making Rais planned for the reunion. Rais, Rosman and a few other friends joined heads and hands to realize something that seemed almost impossible.

By the time the venue and date were decided, I was already in Malaysia leaving Fatilah and her family in UK. Departing UK was not easy, and so was not to be with my family.

So the day came last 29th May 2011. 22 of us altogether including Fatilah herself. She made the surprise appearance. I was not surprised as I had known all the while.

I am posting some photos as I am not good at words to describe the moments and feelings and emotions...

The four of us Sahila, Harsa Amylia, Norfatilah, Fatimatulzahra; thus SAHANOFA.

I have no words to describe as all I could do is lay back and mesmerize each time I see this photo. Only God knows the feeling.......