Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baked Seafood Gratin

Baked seafood gratin
4 tbsp butter
1 onion - cubed
200gm macaroni - boiled el dente
300gm cauliflower
300gm fresh prawn (deshelled) and crab filament
2 tbsp flour
250ml fresh milk
500ml water
1 small can mushroom soup ~300gm
1 chicken stock cube
gound black pepper
200gm grated mozarella cheese

1. Saute onion in 2tbsp butter until fragrant.
2. Add cauliflower and seafood. Mix well.
3. Add macaroni, salt and pepper.
4. Scoop into oven proof dish.
5. Melt rest of butter. Add flour.
6. Keep stirring until slightly cooked, immediately add mushroom soup.
7. Add milk and water. Stir constantly. Add stock cube and pepper.
8. Keep stirring until thickens. Pour onto pasta. Sprinkle cheese and bake in a preheated oven at 180C until golden brown.