Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Bakes and Cakes in September 2011.

Moist Chocolate Cupcakes and 8" Moist Chocolate Cake for Pn Syima from Tmn Seri Acheh. Thank you.

 Birthdays in September.
Aeizaal * Dahaman * Widad * Jamal * Aftanasar * Shahrel * Bakhtiar * Kak Chik Ruzaida * Latiff

My first attempt at stacking cakes. 2 tiers of Moist Chocolate Cakes. Base is 10" while top is 8".

Alya made her own birthday cupcakes. Moist Chocolate Cupcakes, Domo and Angry Bird. Not bad eh!
Orders are welcomed!

Carrot Walnut Cake and cupcakes for Sakinah. Congratulations Kak Zah kerana dapat menantu. Bliss.